Paris Motorshow 2014: Audi TT Fastback 4door concept

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Who would have thought that the Audi TT would evolve into such sorcery? Well, make yourself familiar with the Fastback 4 door version of the Audi TT that has both a coupe and a convertible versions, all revealed at this years 2014 Paris Auto Show .

Audis tech boss Dr Ulrich Hackenberg say “We are now fusing both concepts to form a new member of a potential TT family,” While the Audi TT is a good base for a new breed of fastback sports cars that extends a line of family no one expected. The evolved fastback is 29cm longer, 6cm wider, 3cm lower and its wheelbase is 12cm longer than the base TT.

The design includes most of the refreashed updates on the recently released 2015 Audi TT thus inckudes the pronounced air inlets with the new Audi front grille, laser headlights, and flat C-pilars that gives the car a strong emphasis of masculinity.

The interior seen in the new Audi TT Sport back concept is following suite with the rest of Audi models, with the addition of a great large 12.3″ TFT screen display that is powered by many microprocessors that allows you to control different functions.

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