Aston Martin Loagonda Testing in Oman

We already knew that the Aston Martin Lagonda was due to be released somewhere around 2015, but that has been confirmed by Aston Martin themselves hinting at an early release in 2015. The company is planning to once again release the 4 door sedan “The Aston Martin Lagonda” which wasn’t a success story back in the day, but it did make it on our list of cars ahead of their time in the fifth spot.


The Aston Martin Lagonda hovered the roads of Oman on a sunny day, equipped with a black paint job and lots of effortless class. The prototype model looks very similar to the outgoing model which had a long stretched body, and a wide stance.

The reason behind testing the prototype in Oman, is that Aston Martin has its eye on some new technology that records heat temperatures from 85 spots on the car. The other obvious reason, is that they want to make sure it can withstand the heat because they aimed the Lagonda directly towards buyers in the Middle East.

Looks wise, we weren’t too impressed with the Lagonda prototype. But hey, the final production model could look completly different from the prototype, we will have to wait and see.

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