Aston Martin Lagonda Might Be Back as the Brand Luxury Sedan

Aston Martin Lagonda

The Aston Martin Lagonda might really make it into the brands lineup of supercars and exotics, but Aston plans on launching its own luxurious fleet of sedan models from the Lagonda range.

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According to Aston Martin personnel, the work is already put in, and now it’s just a matter of meeting the financial targets in order for the Aston Martin Lagonda to get the green light on production.

Aston’s Cheif Executive said; “At the moment, I assume two cars. It could be one, it could be three—that will come out in the business case—but two is the most likely,” which means there might be several Lagonda versions in the beginning, he added; “I think Lagonda can be a hugely credible brand in that part of the market. We know how to make cars handle, we know how to make them luxurious, and we have already made and sold sedans.”

If you’re not too familiar with the original Lagonda, we advise you to read up on it. In short, it was the brand’s first sedan and although it wasn’t a hit in the market – it introduced plenty of new technologies, for instance; it was the first car to introduce a digital dash in production form and also had touch sensitive buttons all back in 1976.

The new Lagonda would have to be unique in order to replace the Rapide, and would probably feature new powertrains as well.

“Emissions is obviously something that matters in a part of the market where cars tend to spend lots of time in cities. Obviously any range of cars could be different in their powertrains from an Aston Martin. Everything is on the table,” Palmer said.

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