The Scoop: Aston Martin building a new mid-engine supercar


Aston Martin have been on a role recently with amazing cars like the Vulcan, the limited edition AM-RB 001 and the new DB11. All of which are getting equal praise from journalists and car enthusiasts alike, but when are we getting a mid-engine British Aston Martin? Soon.

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Aston Martin is currently in the midst of creating an all new mid-engine supercar for the masses to rival cars like the Lamborghini Huracán, the Ferrari 488 GTB and the McLaren 650S. Putting the engine in the middle guarantees perfect balance and great handling equilibrium. If you’ve been following the news recently, Chevrolet is also working on an all new mid-engined corvette targeted for the next cycle.

The British marque plans on releasing the so-called mid-engine supercar somewhere around 2022 which will be powered by a V-8 engine that is inspired by the AM-RB 001 concept – probably a hybrid system is in play as well but for now, it’s impossible to tell what they might do with their latest addition.

But that’s not all; Aston Martin plans to build an entire fleet of cars that consist of the newer Vanquish and Vantage models, the DB11, an SUV based on the DBX concept, a sedan and some special versions aggregated into the current line-up of special cars.

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