Apple iCar is Becoming A Reality

iCar Watermarked

How excited were you when the first iPhone came out? Very, and how would it feel to know that Apple is working on the iCar, it is indeed what dreams are made off. The peeps at Apple know how to make really great products and sell them at alarming rates, thanks to their innovative design and their no-cut corners policy.

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The first Apple car ‘iCar’ is a project Steve Jobs could have only dreamed about, and rumors are floating to confirm that Apple might be collaborating with Tesla to make a great electric vehicle for the mass. It isn’t a secret that Tesla is obtaining most of Apple’s employees and vice versa.

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Tim Cook himself said that Apple [AAPL] is working on products no body knows about, and when it decides to embark on a new project, chances are they will succeed. Electric cars are still a growing market but Tesla has proven that there is a market once they install enough electric stations around the world, Elon Musk himself stated that the future is going to be electric wether we like it or not.

We don’t know if tech giant Google [GOOG] is working on anything similar, altough they hinted at an electric driverless car before, with rumors of a driverless ride-hiring service to rival the Uber app surfacing all over the internet.

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