Apollo IE Hypercar Teased before October 24 Premier

Apollo IE Hypercar

Remember the Gumpert Apollo supercar? A car that is without a doubt fast, and without a doubt ugly in every way. This though, is the promising Apollo IE Hypercar teased just before its official October 24 premiere.

The car’s official name is the Apollo Intensa EMozione and it’s got a v12 engine under the hood which sounds brilliant in addition to a jet fighter-esque start up sequence and gullwing doors. It sort of reminds me of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento but that remains to be seen until the final reveal.

Here is a snippet from the automaker;

Apollo Automobil is proud to announce that the development programme for the Apollo Intensa Emozione “IE”, our upcoming flagship hyper-car, has been underway in Italy for quite some time and is finally ready to make its global debut.

This does look promising, but it also looks like a track focused car that won’t see the street. Do you like the Apollo IE Hypercar? We do.

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