Alpina Celebrates 50 Years With BMW B5 & B6

2015 BMW B5 and B6 cover photo

Alpina is the (go to) independent tuning company when it comes to BMW’s that are faster, more exotic looking and better than the German manufacturer BMW had intended them to be.

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Now, half a century later or 50 years after – Alpina celebrates with the 5 series dubbed the B5 and the 6 series dubbed the B6 which is the ussual Alpina naming system. But to make this celebration special, Alpina decided to make the biturbo 2015 BMW B5 and B6 the fastest Alpina models ever made capable of reaching a top speed of 204 mph.

2015 BMW B5 and B6 (7)

What powers these heavy bests you may ask? Both 50 anniversary models get hand crafter bodywork changes and an engine that gets heavily revised 4.4 liter V8 engine that strokes out 592 hp and 590 lb ft of torque.

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Both the BMW B6 and the B5 can do a 0-62 mph time in 4.2 seconds, and continue all the way up to 204 mph in effortless style. This works because Alpina worked ever so dearly on increasing air induction capabilities with the Biturbo (Twin Turbo) V8 engine, adding three inter-coolers, lightweight pistons and many other mods. BMW M5 anyone? No? Ok, we understand. The 50th anniversary BMW B5 and B6 get a combined economy figure of 29.7mpg and 221g/km of CO2 as claimed.

2015 BMW B5 and B6 (2)

Bodywork is all handcrafted and has Alpina written all over it, with the addition of 20 inch alloy wheels that reduce weight by 16 kg’s and a new exhaust that also adds 17 kg’s in weight savings. The interior has Alpina everywhere and stays true to the tuners original concept and design mentality, staying classy and stylish.

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