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Car Tavern “Cartavern” Privacy Policy

Car Tavern “Cartavern” thanks you for your interest in our website services and privacy policy information. This privacy policy applies to the following websites (; Cartavern and all its related content and sub websites. This privacy policy is not applied to information that is publicly posted by you or displayed on a website other than

What is Car Tavern “Cartavern” is a user friendly website that shares news, articles and reviews, in which content writtern by our article writers is solely under copyright by Users are required to signup using Disqus in order to comment and interact on the website.

What information does Car Tavern “Cartavern” store?

The data that is collected is not in any way stored by The data is stored on the web hosting software and kept secure by their multiple firewalls in place. The web hosting software stores the user IP address, approximate login location and the date of access for internal use. Absolutely no distribution is made to 3rd party companies of this information.

We may use the following information for calculating visitor statics;

1. Demographic (Age, Location, Interests)

2. Page views (Bounces, Time Spent on Page..etc)

3. Visitors (Organic, Direct, Referral)

Advertising on Car Tavern “Cartavern”

Any advertising that appears on is the sole property of the advertising agency. The agency fixes cookies at their leisure to their advertisements so that they are able to shuffle through different advertisements that are shown to you, the user of The agency tracks the user’s tendencies and advertises products that fit the user’s profile.

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