1)     What is CarTavern.com?

CarTavern.com is your one-stop shop for all the latest car news, reviews and pictures. CarTavern.com also has an in-depth database of reviews about cars that buyers are interested in.

2)     What can I do on CarTavern.com?

Here at CarTavern.com, we allow the user to interact through commenting, writing your own reviews about cars you have driven and also the chance to take part in numerous drawings that we hold at CarTavern.com for our customer satisfaction.

3)     How is CarTavern.com different than other car websites?

CarTavern.com ensures the quality of its website by giving the user the most up-to-date information about cars. Whether it’s the latest motorshows, new launches, concept cars, road tests, you name it, we do it.  CarTavern.com is continuously evolving and adding new and unique features. Check back often for these new items and sign-up for our weekly newsletter to keep up-to-date with our happenings.

4)     Are reviews written by the user edited by CarTavern.com management?

At CarTavern.com we like to ensure that our website is professionally run. Therefore, we proof read the reviews written by our users and remove profanity and any other incidentals that we deem unnecessary and unprofessional from the review. In no way, do we change the review from the user’s original writing other than this.

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