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Car Tavern is the first website to offer prices for both the United States market and the Middle East market, you can read reviews and news by our authors and much more. With a notorious background of honesty and pure automotive enthusiasm.

Cartavern.com has been designed to work perfectly on any platform, be it a Nokia Lumia, A windows 98 PC, or a Macintosh “It doesn’t matter”. We make sure that Our website isn’t Ad heavy, and eye pleasing at the same time because we do care for and love our users.

We are currently located in the Middle East, specifically Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But that does not stop us from making our website an International one, that focuses on both local and western markets.

Looking for your one-stop shop for all the latest car news, prices, reviews and pictures? Well, you have come to the right place. And guess what? We have much more than that for you!

 Our Website is eye friendly, responsive, clutter free, Mobile & Tablet friendly.

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