A BMW Z4 Equipped with a Viper V10 Engine


The Dodge Viper is known for its tire incinerating monster of an engine that can blast the old Viper from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. But this is the Tiny BMW Z4 and it weighs only 1,200kg so you could only imagine the madness that would ensue.

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You would expect to see the M5’s V10 to be a better fit, but no. The BMW Z4 Equipped with a Viper V10 Engine is a better call, because this is a big 8.3-liter American HEMI V10 that is capable of some serious power unlike the smaller German offering. Maybe even more reliable than the German engine too, as we have heard that M5’s are a nightmare to run.


The listing says, the BMW Z4 Equipped with a Viper V10 Engine puts out 542-bhp and 553 lb-ft of torque, has a serious roll-cage, Termec six-speed manual, exhaust fitted with baffles to open at 3,800 rpm, Audi R8 brakes and weighs only 1,400 kg.

If you’re ready to buy, the car is up for sale on the German eBay for £42k, $46,863 or Aed 172,000.

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