488 HP VW Golf GTI Dark Shine Edition


Not in a million years would I have thought getting 488 HP out of a 2.0 Turbo was possible with simple modifications.. Sure, there were the Mitsubishi Evo’s which produced over 1000 hp and some Golf MK2’s and MK4’s with over 1100 hp but those were running on E85 fuel and were barely usable on the street.

This concept was produced by 13 students for the annual Wörthersee festival in Germany for the Volkswagen concept cars parade. The donor car was a bare body-in-white which they spent 9 months to turn into what you see now, not looking shy off stock and takes allot from the Volkswagen Golf R.

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In-case you were wondering the concept is called the VW Golf GTI Dark Shine Edition, and it does indeed produce 488 hp and 359 lb-ft of torque out of its 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine that gets an upgraded inter-cooler, an all stainless steel exhaust system, a tuned engine-control unit, an up-rated 6-speed DSG to handle the extra power and some other modifications as well.

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The VW Golf GTI Dark Shine Edition comes in an interesting two-tone color scheme inside and out, Yellow and Daytona Grey of you couldn’t already tell. Add some sport Recaro seas covered and an Alcantara steering wheel while the rest of the cabin follows the same two-tone color scheme. An eight-speaker 3,500 watt audio system was added to produce some extra audio to match the power.

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