The 2018 Ford Mustang Gets a Facelift, Extra Tech, No V6 Engine and More Power!

2018 Ford Mustang

So, this just happened. Ford just released the facelifted 2018 Ford Mustang which raised a large sum of controversy on the internet. A few like it, and a vast majority are completely disgusted by it.

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So who signed this off? Someone in the design department must be supremely keen on the British Jaguar XJ because this pony no longer looks like a Mustang. It’s officially a European design mess. Not that the Jaguar XJ is a bad looking car per se, it’s gorgeous. But you can’t just mix design elements and call it a day.

To sum up what readers and the forums think of the 2018 Ford Mustang facelift – Most people are very critical of the front fascia,  they are neutral to the rear end and some prefer it to the current sixth generation Mustang. I found the rear end facelift to be refreshing and plausible, it’s the front end fascia that’s got me worried.

For 2018, Ford has officially dropped the V6 engine on all new models with MagnaRide dampers available on the GT with the performance package and more power is expected from both the V8 and the EcoBoost engine. The EcoBoost engine will get a new overboost feature that gives you more torque while the V8 gets port and direct injection and a new compression ratio of 12:1 instead of the old 11:1.

The performance package is now also available on the Automatic 10-speed version and the convertibles with Michelin Pilot Sport S4 tyres which is the successor to the SuperSport. The 10-speed automatic is expected to be much faster than before, and it’s been directly taken from the Camaro ZL1 since both Ford and GM worked together on it.

The six-speed manual is still available on both the GT and the EcoBoost models, but it gets a new twin-disc clutch and a dual mass flywheel. The 2018 Ford Mustang GT gets an optional active quad exhaust which controls volume.

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2018 Ford Mustang GT

There is a 12-inch all digital instrument cluster that replaces the analog cluster and C-shaped LED tri-bar rear lights which updated the look of the rear a little bit. It’s really hard to tell if the facelifted Mustang is a good looking car without judging it in real life, but it certainly isn’t a good looking car from what we can see in the pictures.

But Ford is urging fans to wait and have a look for themselves before judging. Really though, unless Ford designers have been living under a rock – they possibly ruined a good car with what seems to be a quick revision.

All i can say is; Chevrolet’s got the new 2018 Camaro and that’s a proper American muscle car. Ford, go back to the drawing board.

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