2017 Volkswagen CC gets a new look


The Volkswagen CC (Comfort Coupe) is the brand’s exclusive Sedan coupe version, or the gran coupe as some call it. The Volkswagen CC got a mid-cycle updated back in 2013 and it is already getting old in the eyes of buyers although we think it still looks stunning. But for those looking to get the latest so you can expect to see the new 2017 Volkswagen CC during the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The older CC is based on the Volkswagen Passat, with a gran coupe body and some extra bits here and there but that still doesn’t further differentiate it from the Passat. In order to change that, Volkswagen is embarking on making the CC more premium, and also having it sit on a longer wheelbase with unique styling to match.


The 2017 Volkswagen CC will be based on the European spec 2015 Volkswagen Passat (Shown Above) sharing the same MQB platform. Volkswagen is also rumored to release a 10 speed DSG dual clutch transmission in 2016-2017 which should also make it into the new CC. The new Volkswagen CC should make it into the U.S markets by late 2016 and to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Dubai specifically by early 2017 as well as other GCC Countries.

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