2017 Lexus IS Wrapped in 42,000 LED lights

2017 Lexus IS Wrapped in LEDS

Lexus does a rather interesting wrap on the 2017 Lexus IS which features exactly 41,999 LED lights that are capable of reacting to gestures, information and music.

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The wrapped up 2017 Lexus IS was created for the video clip ‘Be the One’ by Dua Lipa which was just released yesterday although the single has been there for a while.

Vevo collaborated with Lexus in order to make this interesting concept which in-fact features hand applied LEDs placed on the exterior of the car. Just like the ones you see on Burj Khalifa.

The LED’s have three modes; the ‘Attract’ mode which activates looping graphics that showcase the Lexus IS’s design, then there is the ‘Music’ mode which reacts to music being played and finally the ‘Gesture’ mode which allows someone to control the animations by throwing gestures at the car thanks to the incorporation of a gaming console.


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