2016 Paris Motor Show: The New Honda Civic Type R


We know you’ve been eager to hear about the all new Honda Civic Type R, since Honda has promised us greater things to come. But with the new Golf GTI Clubsport S nicking their fastest FWD time record on the Nürburgring, Honda is amped to get that record back with their new Type R shown during the current 2016 Paris Motor Show.

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This Honda Civic Type R was dubbed a Type R Prototype for now and by the looks of it, this might be one of the best Type R’s we have ever seen. It’s really as special as they come, but there hasn’t been any technical information released just yet.

The greatest thing about this Civic is that it will be a “worldwide” release, unlike the previous Type R versions which needed to be imported with great expenses to the United States. This one will be sold in Europe, America and Japan.


We already know the Honda Civic Type R will be getting the newly developed 2.0-liter Turbo VTEC engine which produces 306-bhp but will most definitely receive a power pump to adapt to the current market competitors. How much hp depends on when the car is released, but our gut instinct tells us they are aiming for something around 350-hp.

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Built on the all-new MK10 Civic platform, the Honda Civic Type R should have a refreshed rear-suspension setup and a lively variable steering system. Honda mentioned that this Type R should be the sharpest ever with the best chassis they put on a civic Type R before, expect insane performance out of this hot hatch.

As you can see, the Honda Civic Type R features a beautiful grey metallic paint-job that sort of looks like a rough wrap with particles infused into the paint job. We certainly haven’t seen anything this good come out of Honda in recent years. The Type R’s designer, Daisuke Tsutamori, was quoted saying “All of the design features have a function, and this is as close to a production car as is possible.”


They also significantly improved the drag co-efficiency in addition to a strictly functional huge rear wing, triple exhaust pipes. Every vent on the car serves a purpose and looks are just wilder than ever. Riding on 20-inch alloys with 245-section width tires it’s remarkably much more aggressive than the current Type R.

Expect to see the new the Type R somewhere around 2017 in production form.

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