2016 Jaguar XE

Say hello to Jaguars new Compact Sedan, the 2016 Jaguar XE. The trend of creating compact sedans for luxury car automakers is proving to be both important and profitable.This segment allows premium car makers to target the youth, and showcase their muscles in the latest and greatest tech on the market.

Jaguar started by making this sedan lighter, and better. And by that we mean, it does look better than the older Xf-Xj and other models released in 2009. At first glance, it came to mind that Jaguar was aiming this car at successful businesswomen, and less towards the hairy chested folk like us males. I really think that the styling is very un-aggressive in terms of factors like carbon fiber, and hey look at me bumper bits here and there.

The Interior of the car seems to play along with the exteriors simple approach. Nothing to flashy or out of the ordinary here, let remember that jaguar is trying to save money with the Compact Sedan segment. Speaking of simplicity, I really don’t like the front end that much since Jaguar decided to provide a more aggressive front headlight design that seems to fail on all levels.. I think that there is allot to learn from the most successful roadster on the road today “The 2014 Jaguar F-type” which is a marvel of design in the modern era.

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