Hoonigans Raid Abandoned Mall for One Sick Tokyo Drift Style Black Friday Video

It’s Black Friday, they have two modified 370Z rear-wheel drive trubo-charged, drift-speced machines pushing over 1,000 ponies and an abandoned mall.. The resulting video was nothing short of pure automotive enthusiasm mixed in with some rubber shredding, close calls and a Gymkhana style camera action through the abandoned hallways of the … Continue reading

Chris Harris Takes McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 for a test drive

Another interesting video has surfaced of the three infamous hypercars that are yet to be tested together in one shot, well at least by someone who likes to take them to their limits. This time however, Chris Harris made sure everything was fair by putting on similar tires on each cars … Continue reading

Lamborghini Diverso SuperVeloce

We previously introduced the Lamborghini Diverso concept and it gained a lot of attention so we decided to upgrade the Italian Hypercar with a SuperVeloce edition painted in Yellow and finished off with gold flakes for that signature SV look we all know and love, almost reminiscent of the first … Continue reading