2015 Top 5 Most Groundbreaking Cars

Theses are some of 2015’s top 5 most groundbreaking cars – Cars that were unique in the sense that they brought new innovations, styling elements and potential to the automotive industry. The article brings you some of the most exciting automotive products to come out in 2015 thanks to an ever … Continue reading

Kahn Design 6×6 Huntsman Defender Pickup

4 wheels are always better than 2 wheels and six wheels always get the job done. Kahn design isn’t taking lightly to Mercedes’s new G63 6×6 six-legged monster and they decided to do something about it in a very unconventional matter; introducing the Kahn Design 6×6 Huntsman Defender Pickup. Although it isn’t as crisp as … Continue reading

Real Life Transformer: Mercedes-Benz ‘Concept IAA’

The Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) is two cars in one: an aerodynamics world champion with a Cd value of 0.19 and a four-door coupé embodying irresistible design. The study, which is celebrating its world premiere at the IAA Cars 2015, switches automatically from design mode to aerodynamic mode when … Continue reading