2015 Toyota Yaris



If you clicked on the link to this article, then you are definitely looking for an economic little car that is either a small sized sedan, or an average looking hatchback. And while this may not come as a suprize, there isn’t anything fancy about a Yaris per se, but.. And that is big BUT, it still competes in a market full of good economic family turtles, yet none of them carry that solid-reliable & proven badge called “Toyota”.


Don’t get your hopes up for long article about how hot this hatchback is, or how family friendly it can be. You are looking at a fresh 2015 Toyota Yaris with brand new sheetmetal and the same chassis and well, everything else remained the same.

But, Toyota isn’t going to spew another Yaris without adding some sort of change to it, the chassis for example received 36 extra spot welds to make it stiffer and increase its rigidity, while the front anti roll bars and rear torsion beam received stiffer treatment on the same old equipment.


Let’s discuss this new design direction Toyota is tackling with all their 2015 models. You will notice the huge front grille that is used to suck air into the engine made it to all of Toyotas 2015 models, while they seem to be losing their soul year by year. It is apparent that Toyota is simply relying on their badge, and not their design. However, let’s not forget what this 2015 Toyota Yaris is here for; Starting at just $15,600 or 51,000 Aed for the Hatchback version, and $16,500 – 53,900 Aed for the Sedan version it starts to all make sense don’t it. With enough room in the back, the Toyota Yaris does indeed feel larger than some other competitors like the Nissan Tiida, the Ford Fiesta and the Honda Jazz.


The 2015 Toyota Yaris offers an array of options on its available trims this year, making it sort of acceptable when it comes to decking around town, but hey. We all know that you get a Yaris for it’s mad fuel efficiency. We drove the Nissan Tiida and completely despised every bit of thing about it, it has a noisey engine, it feels cheap and runs like crap but was faster than the rest of the competitors in its segment. We drove the Honda Jazz, and we kind of liked it’s futuristic approach, and its decent cabin but found it lacking space and it really felt underpowered. We drove the Ford Fiesta and it was great, yet it still felt smaller than the Tiida and had the most decent cabin out of all three. The 2015 Toyota Yaris is what we like to call the sweet spot, with enough legroom and headroom space, a great silent efficient engine, good looks, and a decent interior make it an equal praise worthy hatchback/small sedan.


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