2015 Tesla Model S – The future of electric cars


The 2015 Tesla Model S is what Tesla describes to be the worlds first premium electric luxury sedan. First off, I love petrol engines, I love the sound, the smell of petrol, the adrenaline of building up the RPM’s, the characteristics and everything in between. But, I hate the maintenance, the fuel costs, and the noise on comfy trips (seen in cheaper cars).

2015 Tesla Model S-5

You may be saying that owning an electric car is a no go, but you would be surprised to see what Tesla has done to lure in the petrol heads and get your panties in a bunch. How about a 0-60 mph time in 3.2 seconds? How about zero Emissions, 275 miles at 65 mph and enough room to seat 5 people.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.27.21 PM

With a package so impressive, I really don’t see how buyers interested in a green environment won’t find this package interesting enough to replace their daily driver with. Aside from that non existing great exhaust sound, comes the issue of charging and waiting for your car to be charged, and to that Tesla offers lifetime free charging on any of its outlets available in the United States giving an 8 year 125,000 mile warranty on the 60 kWh battery, and an 8 year infinite mile on the 85 kWh Battery and the P85 kWh battery.


While new for 2014 comes the Supercharger addition that enables you to get half a charge within 20 minutes only! Within the network of supercharges in the United States, and soon around the world hopefully all over the GCC as well.

2015 Tesla Model S autopilot

The 2015 Tesla Model S comes with two options, a rear wheel drive and a Dual Motor All Wheel Drive option. And that is the option everybody should be opting for because it is insanely fast, with a motor power rated at 691 hp (split 221 hp front and 470 hp rear) that is capable of reaching 155 mph and accelerating from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.


The 2015 Tesla models Is capable of autopilot as it comes standard with a front camera, Radar, with 360 ultrasonic sensors that monitor all sides of the car as seen in the picture above. While added software works on updating the system with real world conditions. The car also notifies the driver of potential hazards to help lessen the impacts of imminent collisions.



The Tesla Model S comes with allot of features you would expect from a Mercedes S Class, with Nappa leather, interior accent lighting, 12 speakers with neodymium magnets & 8 inch subwoofers, smart air suspension that adjusts itself based on road conditions and a tech package that is from the future. Did we mention that huge TFL screen in the middle of the dashboard that takes care of all your standard buttons and what not?

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