2015 September Fuel and Diesel Prices see more drops after recent hike

Emarat petrol station in Jebel ali is empty as they are facing fuel shortage that forces them to turn away customers from the pumps in Dubai, April 19, 2011. Photo by Patrick Castillo

Diesel is now cheaper than petrol for the first time in the Emirates – priced at 1.86 Dirhams per liter which is a -9.3 drop over the previous 2.05 D/L price in August  while petrol prices have been slashed by -8.4% (1.96 D/L compared to previous 2.14 D/L) starting today September 1st 2015.

Unleaded Super 98 petrol will see an -8.0% drop (2.07 D/L compared to previous 2.25 D/L) making it cheaper than last month’s 95 unleaded rate.

Unleaded E Plus 91 petrol will see an -8.7% drop (1.89 D/L compared to previous 2.07 D/L)


Just last month in August, petrol prices were increased by 24% while diesel prices dropped by 29% – the effects of this are starting to lay major changes to the economy and rents have hiked by 17% for smaller 1 bedroom apartments. Construction isn’t showing any sign of progress either which makes me wonder; if this was the right move from the Ministry of Energy towards a downfall in petrol prices that has been in the making since 2014.


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