2015 Porsche Boxster/Cayman GTS is as good as a 911

Believe it or not, deny it as much as you want but you know that the 2015 Porsche Boxster/Cayman GTS is as good as a base 911 with 10hp less than the base model and looks to die for (I think it looks like a baby 918) which makes the front fascia a winner in my book.


Seriously, if you are considering a base 2015 Porsche 911, then please do consider the 2015 Porsche Boxster/Cayman GTS because they are worthy of the GTS badge, by looks alone. Unless you are after the 911 name, there is no reason to not test the new GTS models. Infact, I would argue that the Interior of the Cayman/Boxster GTS is better and special than the standard 911.


Specs in, and you will see that the GTS trim level which is the highest in both Boxster and Cayman ranges priced at around 359,000 dirhams with options like Porsche’s Active Suspension Management (PASM), Sport Chrono Package (Launch Control on PDK models, and Sport Plus drivetrain settings.), Sports Exhaust, Sport seats plus, leather and Alcantara trim, dynamic bi-xenon lights, sportdesign steering wheel, tinted taillights and 20-inch wheels. I certainly think that there are many roadsters out there that cut the cake, and even better but I just can’t resist that touch of 918 Porsche sprinkled all over the 2015 Porsche Boxster/Cayman GTS models. (Surprisingly with 10 extra hp for the cayman.


What bothers me the most about the 2015 Porsche Cayman/Boxster models is the rear fascia, they decided to keep that tail light shape design, while doing wonders to the front fascia. Really disappointing, I am guessing their betting on a refresh in couple of years.

One thing though, just imagine the front fascia of the 2015 Porsche Boxster/Cayman GTS mixed with the rear fascia of the 2015 Porsche 911.

265-hp, 2.7-liter (2015 Porsche Boxster Base) 204,800 Aed – 0-60 in 5.8

315-hp, 3.4-liter (2015 Porsche Boxster S) 226,800 Aed – 0-60 in 5.1

330-hp, 3.4-liter (2015 Porsche Boxster GTS) 254,900 Aed – 0-60 in 5.0


275-hp, 2.7-liter (2015 Porsche Cayman Base) 205,000 Aed – 0-60 in 5.7

325-hp, 3.4-liter (2015 Porsche Cayman S) 227,700 Aed – 0-60 in 5.0

340-hp, 3.4-liter (2015 Porsche Cayman GTS) 258,400 Aed – 0-60 in 4.9

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