2014 Paris: 2015 Mercedes AMG C63

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG was my favorite car when it was released back in 2007, with its lovely 6.2 Liter V8 engine that sounded and performed beyond expectations. But, this year Mercedes is releasing a more focused precise machine. Say hello to the 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 unveiled at the 2014 Paris Auto Show .


You might be wondering why the name isn’t “2015 Mercedes Benze C63 AMG”. Well that is because Mercedes is following suite with its plans to drop “Benz” from all its models and replace it with AMG its tuning brethren. But, rest assured that the new 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 is no slouch either, packed with a twin turbo 4.0 Liter V8 that produces 469 hp and 479 Lb-ft of torque which is more than the base GT’s 456 hp and 443 lb-ft. This is the M177 engine from the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT replacing the old M156 6.2 liter V8. Transmission will be via 7-speed AMG Speedshift MCT that delivers power to the rear wheels as expected.

There is the 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 S as well, which is expected to hit the 0-100 km/h mark at 3.9 seconds thanks to the increased Hp and torque rated at 503hp & 517 lb-ft of torque, while the standard C63 will reach there in 4 seconds, aided by weight reductions since both trims weighing significantly less than the previous generation models.

Perhaps with the added muscle via two turbo chargers, the 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 can benefit from the Dynamic engine mounts taken from the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT to help stabilize the car at high speeds and tough corners by varying stiffness based on driving conditions. The C63 will also have a standard exhaust with dynamic electronically controlled exhaust valve flaps depending on the drivers mood. For 2015 the new C63 will come with the most efficient eight cylinder engine in the high performance segment, with new technologies like the gliding function “that can decouple the engine from the drive-train when the driver lets go off the throttle between 60 km/h and 160 km/h”. Mercedes says that the new 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 consumes roughly 32 percent less fuel than its predecessor.


Mechanical Locking differentials will come standard on the C63, while the C63 S will get an electronic locking differential to reduce slip at the inside wheels to provide ample acceleration out of corners. While the C63 S will have three selectable (ESP) electronic stability program modes. The suspension in the new 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 will feature aluminum-intensive independent suspension with electronically controlled shocks, electronically adjustable for comfort-sport modes. You might be bumped out to know that the Base C63 will get titanium grey-finished 18 inch alloy wheels  in a staggered fitment, measuring 8.5 inches wide in the front wheels and 9.5 inches at the rear wheels while the C63 S gets high performance ceramic brakes and 19 inch alloys with Michelin sport cup tires which are considered to be the best in the business.


The 2015 Mercedes AMG C63 will look comparatively different than its standard c class base with the usual AMG visual tweaks. The tweaks are subtle but refined, starting off with the “A wing” front valance, and a front splitter for better down-force in the front. And a rear diffuse with three fins (painted in body color) between the exhaust tips, while having the famous C vent located behind the rear wheels.

The interior had allot of S class inspiration, with the new flat bottom steering wheel placed in-front of the two binnacle gauge cluster, with a carbon fiber weave pattern dials. An IWC analog clock will center the dash, with the carbon theme continued throughout the center stack with AMG Dynamic select switch and the COMAND touch-pad among many other fine details.


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