2015 Dubai Motor Show Walk-Through


It was such a beautiful day, a bit of rain, a traffic-violation and parking problems. But i eventually got to the 2015 Dubai Motor Show only to be gradually disappointed but the gear-head in me loved every bit of it. I guess I was disappointed by the lack of new cars that I couldn’t actually find in a showroom right around the corner.. But fret not, I took pictures of the most intriguing cars and to my surprise Hyundai had the biggest stand in the show, i kid you not. They had 2 different small stands and a huge one at the end while Volkswagen followed with their entire fleet on display.


As I entered the 2015 Dubai Motor Show, there was the poorly neglected Lykan Hypersport which collected dust and fingerprints at the entrance, it was really hard for me to just skip and continue so I snapped one for you guys.


I wouldn’t lie to you if I said I expected something better, I knew there were two cars worth the go – The new Fenyr SuperSport and the Ford GT, I also got to meet Mr. Ralph Debbas from W Motors, who seems to be such a humble hard working man with the rest of the W Motors crew.



The most interesting bit was when a small kid literley hit an Aston Martin Vulcan’s carbon fiber side skirt repeatedly until the guy who was polishing the cars had to pull him off, the mother was just staring at the kid violently hitting the side exhaust and the side skirt while i stood there wondering why Aston Martin didn’t cover the poor thing like Lamborghini did. Speaking of the Italian Bull, they made sure no body gets close to their 4 cars by shielding the entire four cars with a glass box preventing the public from touching or coming close (Correction: Lamborghini opened it the next day).

The best stands were Mercedes-Benz followed by McLaren and Porsche. I loved the white Mercedes AMG GTS, although I had some time with the GTS before – it was the only car I felt the urge to sit in for some reason, It’s such a sexy machine that pulls you in and wants you to take it for a ride.



The Audi R8 V10 was frankly disappointing in person, and didn’t feel all that special to me – It felt like another Audi model as opposed to the first generation Audi R8 which is on Our purchase list equipped with that glorious V10 engine.

The Porsche GT4 was pretty darn great to look at, and it does indeed remind me of the 911 GT3Rs while the McLaren 570S was point blank ugly to look at from the front. The McLaren 675LT was a beast and does feel like it shares a lot with the McLaren P1 thanks to the similar headlights and front bumper fascia and not those huge goblin eyes on the 570S. I moved on to see how Lamborghini was doing only to find out there was no Aventador SV on display? It ain’t no secret I love the Huracan, and the Huracan Spyder was soothing to look at so I wouldn’t mind one of those too..


All in all, it was a pretty good day and you should probably visit for the sake of smelling some new cars if you happen to be a gear-head like us – I got to see the Lamborghini Countach in deep blue and that was such an experience!


The 2015 Dubai Motor Show is open for public visitation at 10am-10pm Dubai time which is +4 GMT. Don’t miss the Dubai International Motor Show, part of the Dubai Motor Festival. It’s 5 days of motoring madness, featuring more than 15 global premieres and regional debuts of more than 130 of the latest cars, all-terrain vehicles and mind-blowing concept cars from the 10th to the 14th of November at Dubai World Trade Centre. See the Motoring Nostalgia Classic Car Museum, with more than 70 of the rarest classic cars ever made, meet drift king Ken Block, and take the driving skill challenges.

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