2014 SLS AMG Electric

For all you Mercedes-Benz lovers out there, you will be pleased to know that Mercedes-Benz has introduced the all-new 2014 SLS AMG. And what a beast it is! With the mainstay sporty look of the SLS, the new 2014 model has a few new tricks in its arsenal. So let’s have a look shall we.


The 2014 SLS AMG GT throws around a pretty 583 HP and 489 lb.-ft. of torque, but when compared to its all-new sister model, the 2014 SLS AMG puts it to shame. With a never before introduced electric engine, yes that’s right, you’re eyes are not fooling you, the 2014 SLS AMG will have an electric engine which will have an output of a whopping 740 HP and 738 lb.-ft. of torque. This makes the new 2014 SLS AMG’s most powerful car to-date. The electric power is produced by four permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors which spin at an amazingly high 13,000 RPM’s and all of this is produced through an axially arranged transmission. Mercedez-Benz is putting out the claim that the new model goes 0-100 KM in an astounding 3.9 seconds. By our calculations, through comparing other similarly powered cars, we think that the timing could be closer to 3.2-3.3 seconds. The only drawback is that the SLS model is electronically limited to only 250 KMH, bummer right… So many dreams were shattered with that. But a daring mechanic may be able to remove this, although we do not recommend it. The addition of the electric engine also makes the SLS the quietest model. However, a series of added sound effects while driving during start-up, cruising and hard acceleration, do not take away from the super-car experience.



So I know everyone is anxious to know more about the power supply for this beast. So here it goes. The all-new 2014 SLS AMG is powered by a liquid-cooled 60 kWh, half-ton lithium ion battery pack. This pack has been developed by the engineers over at Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains of Brixworth in the U.K. This battery back is quite amazing and holds 12 modules, each holding 72 lithium-ion cells. Pulling out the pencil and paper to calculate that will see you come to a figure of oh let’s see here (multiply… carry the one… oh, yes) 864 cells in total. An optional 22 kWh charge station can be purchased which allows for the recharge of an empty “tank” in just 3 hours. But a conventional charge up through a wall outlet takes 20 long, boring hours. One a full “tank” the claim by AMG is that this beast of a car can go 250 KM. When you drive it like the car it’s made to be however, you’ll see that number drop substantially.


Well, I know what you’re thinking at this point. Oh yes. Now that you’ve mentioned the technical aspect of the car, what does this baby go on the market for? Well, I hope you’re ready for this one. €416,500 is the price. Oh in dirhams, let’s see here.. that would be 1,966,104 AED sir. It’s a safe bet that not many, if any of us, will be owning this super-car anytime soon. It is however nice to know that someone out there will get to thoroughly enjoy this all-new 2014 SLS AMG.

So my friends, what do you think about the addition of the electric power supply to 2014 SLS AMG? Do you think super-cars are better off the old-fashioned way or do you welcome this electric innovation so to speak?

Electric Option

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