2014 Nissan Sunny

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Here is our first look at the 2014 Nissan Sunny. Here in the UAE, the Sunny is one of the most affordable compact cars on the market. With a starting price of 47,000 dirham from the dealership, it is a great car for those who commute to work and would rather have a work-horse car to put the mileage on rather than the family luxury car.


In terms of exterior looks, the Sunny was due for a much needed upgrade. The 2014 model brings a much more modern and upscale look than past models. Many have drawn comparisons of the new model with the look of the Altima. While this is somewhat understandable, the 2014 Sunny settles into its own unique look. The newly shaped grille (something a young mathematics student would find on his math test, trapezoid I believe is the word) is Nissan’s effort to come up with a trademark look. Another addition is the LED lighting which gives the Sunny a sort-of “posh” status. In the UAE, “posh” is the name of the game.

This car wont fair high in a beauty pageant, infact it would be the ugly betty of small sedans but rest assured it deliveres in economy and efficiency.

Nissan claims that the Sunny has the best in-class interior space. Let’s have a look shall we. In terms of flat-out roominess, a sought after quality for those with long legs and the unfortunate seating arrangement of having to sit in the back, the 2014 Sunny certainly does not feel like a compact car. The layout and design of the interior is very comfortable and you will not find yourself getting bored with the look after awhile. The NissanConnect navigation system which comes optional, is very user-friendly and easy to use. This feature is recommended as the simplified functions that Nissan has created help to easily connect devices to the Bluetooth system and search for addresses.

Its no secret to anyone that the Sunny has always been one of the slowest cars on the road. Powered by a V4 that cranks out a measly 130 HP and 128 lb. ft. of torque, it was no surprise that the Sunny finished close to 10 seconds in the 0-100km/h test, clocking in at approximately 9.6. Sadly, it was only able to beat out the Corolla in terms of in-class cars. With the engine so small and also the Eco-mode which helps to conserve on gas and help run the engine more efficiently, the Sunny gets an advertised 5.9L/100km which is right around where it should be.

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