2014 Nissan Nismo Juke R



The Nissan “Nismo” Juke is by no means a replication of the infamous Juke R, neither is it a simple body kit slapped on a juke, it is moderate commuter that tries hard! Nismo are notorious for producing insanely fast GTR, back when a GTR was called a skyline. And boy did they haul ass.

Nissan Juke-R (2012) Rear Side

This is the JUKE R, NOT the Nismo Juke R

A clear cut good example would be the 2005 R34 Nismo Z-Tune which produced over 493 bhp, and did 0-10km/h in under 4 seconds, and that was 8 years ago! But let’s not get caught up in the past, let’s talk about this outlandish Juke; Most of us know that the Juke is good platform for tuning and upgrading, since Nissan themselves decided to drop the twin turbo powered V6 from the GTR into the Juke R a while back.


The Nissan Nismo Juke actually has 197hp and 215hp with the Nismo Juke RS, which is only 10 hp increase from the standard 190 Juke. The major improvements were all done in the handling department, by a mechanical limited slip differential between the front wheels, and stiffer smoother suspension that won’t break your back. Aside from all the usual tuning fashions, the Nissan Nismo Juke styles out a really nice body kit, changed from top toe with beautiful red accents on the lower lips, improved aerodynamic via bulgy bold styling ques that give the juke an exotic serious look. The Nissan Nismo Juke comes in two color variations (Black and white) and is targeted towards customers looking for an edge, but not so much as taking it seriously on the track.


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