2014 Mercedes Benz GLK 350

Its no secret that here in the UAE the Mercedes G-class is a very popular vehicle. Albeit for those who are able to afford the pricy tag that comes along with it, but even to those who can’t, its still admired and desired.

Let’s examine the new GLK 350.

Something that is intriguing is that the new model, the 2013 model that is, has an astounding 1000 new parts. Pretty impressive for those in charge of the make-over. Were the 1000 old replaced parts that bad, or are the new ones that good?


The G-class Mercedes is known for it’s boxy look, for some a large criticism as being “ugly” but for those who love the G-class, a unique look that set’s it apart from other crossover vehicles.

The front of the new 2014 model has a new grille and also new triangular shaped lights which fortify its looks closer to the patented Mercedes look that is repeated with the sedan and coupe lines. LED running lights are now a staple as well as LED taillights.  The tires for this new model come standard with 19” alloy rims and all-season tires, with an option to upgrade to the 20”ers.


The engine has been revamped with a much higher compression and also direct injection. This pushes the output of the V-6 3.5 liter engine to 302 HP and 273 lb. ft. of torque. Exhilarating! The seven speed transmission now also employs an ECO stop-start system and new fluid for a much improved stab at efficiency. The all-important 0-100 km/h sprint shaves a whopping .6 seconds off the previous model by checking in at 5.8 seconds down from 6.6 seconds.

The interior features walnut trim for the dashboard, almond/mocha synthetic leather seating and an eight-way power seating for the front seats. You will surely find your most comfortable position now. The infotainment package has more colors as we enter into a new era of emphasis on the infotainment aspect. Same interface which means no need to learn new controls and what not.

The pricing for this new GLK350 model is almost $1200 or about 4500 AED more than the previous model. The base model runs for around 145,000 AED while the full-option model can be yours for only a bit under 180,000 AED. That’s not much if you compare it with its in-class rival the BMW X3 which costs upwards of 190,000 AED.

This new GLK will surely keep the Mercedes G-class lovers happy for at least one more year.

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