2014 Infiniti Q50

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The 2014 Infiniti Q50 is the new best thing from Infiniti regarding their sedan segment. The major Japanese and Korean countries have been doing major styling updates towards a much better, modest attempt at the German auto manufacturers. I honestly think that this Infinity is the going places in the UAE. But let us get into the flesh of the Infiniti, before getting in to details about the styling ques.


The 2014 Infiniti Q50 brings styling elements that are not as progressive as most of the other luxury sedans, but that is exactly why it would succeed in this region. Let me explain why; people love their cars here in the Middle East, especially if it is reasonably priced, and is not as futuristic and crazy as other manufacturers believe is the next big thing. The balance between a futuristic looking car, and a classic beauty that resonates with muscular curves, is exactly what infinity needs right now. The front fascia somehow looks like a bold muscle car that is beavering with horse power, and elegance. Although the Q50 plays with the flow of the car by adding subtle inward curves that are not too exaggerated like most of the older Infinity models.


The rear side saw a couple of slight changes from the G37; like the new trapezoidal taillights and the rear bumper gets more length and a focused stance. Let’s talk about the sexy new interior, which kind of reminds me of the new Maserati Quatroportes interior, although they are indefinitely different. The 2014 Infinity Q50 gets a roomier and a more comfortable interior, and a sportier luxurious scheme all around. Are you feeling cozy already? If not, perhaps you should consider a sharper sleeker alternative like the all new 2014 Mercedes E class (sweating already).

Read more about the new 2015 Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge edition with a GTR engine in the bonnet. 

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