2014 Honda Accord

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Once a staple of the mid-size sedan market, the Honda Accord has been forced to take a ride in the backseat so to speak. No longer the number one mid-size sedan on the market, the Accord has surrendered that title to the American engineered Ford Fusion.

With the unfortunate tsunami events that rocked the Japanese homeland last year, a nearly $2 billion investment was made by Honda in North America to develop plants. This was a much anticipated move from Honda as previous plants were rendered useless and production was slowed to a mere crawl at a few useable plants.


There are some changes that the new 2014 model goes through as compared to previous models. Contrasting size, the 2014 model checks in with a slightly (90mm) trimmed body. This trimming has not affected the cabin space however as it still boasts the “best in class.” More about the cabin, with new soundproofing technology added and active noise control, the cabin boasts the “quietest” in its class as well.


Next in line is the suspension facelift from the previous double wishbone to the new MacPherson struts. This change adds more quality to the 2013 model by reducing weight and also allowing for a much more comfortable and less shaky trip.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the LED driving lights. As most car makers make the switch to the classy and innovative LED lights, Honda was the newest addition to the group. The Honda Accord still remains one of the most durable and best bang for your buck car models on the market. With durability and a sleek new design, Accord’s will be rolling out of the showrooms later this fall when they are released.


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