2014 Cadillac ATS

The 2014 Cadillac ATS is one of the most anticipated sedans in America, and one of the most anticipated Cadillac models in the Middle East. Build from the ground up, Cadillac is doing it right this time by making the driver a main focus, conveying a unique mixture of sport and luxury to satisfy the luxurious people looking for a thrill every once in a while. So what makes this Smart luxury sports sedan any different from the older Cadillac models? Perhaps everything from improved aerodynamics, soundproofing, premium quality French stitched interior, Dual Magnetic Ride, and a heap of other technologies.


First off, let’s examine the exterior of the ATS. Looks seem to have majorly improved in terms of style and identity, it does seem like the ATS is more of an S class Mercedes, you would expect to see dressed in jet black parked on wall street. While you are in a meeting working your next big project, all while knowing that you have this ATS treat waiting outside for you. Let me explain just why you will be seduced every time you have to get in this car and go somewhere!


Aside from the obvious fact that this car is just stunningly beautiful to look at, there is also the factor of an ATS designed submissive body to the vicious air streams of the UAE, which means that this Cadillac plays its gracious V6 symphony alongside the wind, rather than against it. Giving the 2014 Cadillac ATS greater aerodynamics and less wind noise while you cruise back home.


The 2014 Cadillac ATS has an interior that is focused on making the driver feel like a remarkable king, it is extremely comfortable to look at. Aside from having a superb exterior, one spends countless hours in the interior, which alone was why Cadillac made this premium lounge, the ATS’s interior. The qualities of the materials used are a statement on their own, packed with a French stitched leather concealed dashboard, exotic woods, and carbon fiber trim. The craftsmanship is apparent while looking at the interiors structure and flow. The lines are progressively merging and mounding straight ahead, while welcomed with calm smooth curves at the end of each line. It sure creates a wonderful sight to look at, especially if you are in for a calm cruise.


The 2014 Cadillac ATS is formed with “DMRC” Dual Magnetic ride control in the suspension department. The DMRC reads the road 1000times per second, and adjusts the damping so you can feel like you are driving on a cloud. The ATS also values the safety of the driver by way of its “AFL” Adaptive Forward Lighting system that adjusts the LED light chamber to adjust during driving condition. So if you are driving on a highway, the light beams widen to cover more ground, while if you slow down to take a corner; the light adjusts to turn in in line with that corner (enhancing the driver’s safety and vision).

When I told you this car was built from the ground up, we meant it. The ATS was actually redesigned with a new stronger durable chassis, which is meant to increase speed, toughness, and agility. While reducing body roll, under steer, and unwanted steering inputs. The heart that powers this expensive suits, is an advanced direct injection muscular 3.6 Liter V6 pumping out 321 beats per minute..urgh..Horsepower.

Expect great sound quality, radar technology which does the emergency braking for you, a better infotainment system that works like a butler, and illuminating door handles adding a welcoming touch on a late night.

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