The 1360hp Koenigsegg One

The Koenigsegg one stands for 1to1 power to weight ration, which means there is as much power as their is weight 1360HP:1360KG including curb weight (with all water, oil and fluids). Impressive, huh? This makes it the world’s first mega car, and the worlds most powerful production car with 1 megawatt of power!

Koenigsegg is a company started by Christian Van Koenigsegg who was 22 at the time, who is now the owner of one of the most innovative car companies on earth. A bit of research will prove that koenigsegg innovated almost 90% of the cars mechanisms on the most of the Koenigsegg models.

The Koenisegg One is almost completely out of Carbon Fiber with clear carbon elements in the interior compartment. The exterior is equipped with tremendous amounts of downforce thanks to its double wing stretching from the exterior in the middle to the rear of the car. This active rear wing with active elements.


This road going mega car could also be considered as a road car, with speakers, air conditioning and anything else you might expect from a normal vehicle. On a sidenote, this car looks stunning and manages to blend all the right notes of an established hypercar, with a bit of glamour.

The Koenigsegg is also equipped with the worlds largest 3D printed titanium objects ever made, and a 3D printed Turbocharger! The Koenigsegg can also be lifted via an iPhone app, which also includes wing control.

Car Tavern Rating: 


9. Straight Flush


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