Google self driving cars to become a separate company to compete with Uber

Google Self Driving Car

You probably know about Google’s self driving (driverless) cars and might have seen them on the road taking that beautiful 360 view you get to enjoy on google maps, and probably do what every one else does: locate your home and get the google map 360 view 🙂

Yea, the same cars got a new face-lift that saw it lose the steering wheel and get two nice comfy seats, and that’s when Google realized we can actually make money sending those Panda looking driverless cars to people just like Uber does but without a driver.

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This is still a better idea than Google because of the recent stories you hear of Uber drivers doing all sorts of weird stuff to the passengers, and well you just don’t have to deal with the human drama involved with the driver.

Google is planing to launch the stand alone driverless service by 2016 where customers would be able to enjoy the app and share rides with their friends but that means other human-catered cab services will suffer a huge loss.

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This step towards making driverless cars accepted by the public might just work, because it means that people will get warmed up to having no driver in control of the machine but that might also back-fire depending on what goes on in the first year.

Google Self Driving Car-2

Google isn’t taking any risks, and they already got their driverless throughly tested with the Google Maps venture and since they started – Google says “Google Autonomous cars have been involved in 12 accidents since the company began testing them six years ago. over the life of the program, Google has covered nearly 2 million miles with its driverless cars, and in none of the accidents was the driverless car found to be at fault.”

The new venture will be called “Alphabet” by co-founder Sergey Brin.

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