1,000-HP Faraday FFZero1 concept


Faraday? Yea, that’s a new car firm that hopes to make a boom in the auto industry by creating cars that look like this. This is the Faraday Future battery-powered FFZero1 concept presented at the 2016 CES which projects info to the driver and has a smartphone dock in the steering wheel.

The Faraday FFZero1 concept is surely something different from anything you’ve seen before although it does share some elements with the GTR Granturismo Vision concept but this is even more out there.

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The company which is basically backed by an internet TV provider “LeTV” in China is ready to release the FFZero1 in two years time but we doubt it’s ever going to see light anytime soon. What makes the Faraday FFZero1 special is the ability to use different battery and motor configurations which allows the buyer to build the car depending on the purchase purpose.

Can you take your friends with you? Nah, Faraday FFZero1 only has space for one driver in the cabin. Farady tech consultancy Gartner Thilo Koslowski said “The car’s obviously very radical but that’s what concepts are all about, I think Faraday has a good understanding of what it has to do in order to be successful. But we will have to see if it will be successful. I can tell you that the established vehicle manufacturers are not standing still either.”

Specs include a 200mph (321 km/h) top speed and a 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds while the helmet given provides oxygen and power for some reason? Why would you need it at such speeds which are comparatively low compared to F1 cars, the aero tunnels help cool the batteries while the multi-touch screen and the augmented reality views aid an immersive experience.

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