1,000 Additional Chevrolet SS Models Ordered From Australia


Although Australia might be facing a downturn in the automotive manufacturing industry, Holden’s Elizabeth factory just received an additional 1,000 Chevrolet SS model order from the United States due to the cars overwhelming success in America.

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The Chevrolet SS models are all left-hand driver and feature the same base as Australias VF11-generation Holden Commodore which were also exported to the U.S. with a Chevrolet badge.

This order also moved Holden to make a decision regarding its local employees redundancy which will help give them time to plan their next career move. A spokesman from the marque said; “The reception from buyers and motoring critics is something that the Australian VF Commodore development team and our Elizabeth manufacturing team are very proud of.”

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The Chevrolet SS is a powerful sedan that packs 415-hp thanks to the big 6.2-liter V8 engine that manages to make all the right noises. Add a six-speed manual transmission and you’re good to go.

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